Thoughts on a Hybrid Workplace 

Thoughts on a Hybrid Workplace

Image Credit: John Spaulding, 2021

The past year and a half has forced us to think about how workspaces operate. Pre-COVID, working from home might have been a concept thought to be used by small business owners or other small start-up companies. Before the pandemic, the idea of working from home had a stigma as being a less efficient way to operate a large scale business. The office or space of work is where all of the banter, the creative core and the coffee talks took place. The physical office made up the majority of the work culture for many businesses.Over the past year and a half, we have learned that people can still function and deliver quality work in less social settings. In terms of productivity, many companies have been able to maintain operations 10 feet from their beds. 

However, do we want to continue to do this? With a stabilization of the pandemic in sight, this has prompted this question for many business owners and staff- what will this new “return to work” environment look like? Most companies have had to alter their entire operations systems. One of the changes that could be here to stay are hybrid workspaces. 

What does a “Hybrid space” mean?

This is a system in which employees can come into the office on a rotational basis. This allows for scheduling flexibility, mental health benefits, and ultimately a boost in productivity. With some employees working remotely and others—specifically key management staff- working in the office, a healthy balance of social interaction and project deliverables can be met. Some of us may not be ready to give up the benefits of working from home and a hybrid office could be a middle-ground to accommodate the needs and concerns of both employers and employees. 

Spaces like 44 Gaukel Creative Workspace can offer a solution to this new hybrid concept.

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44 Gaukel offers both short term and long term rentals to suit your needs. 

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