Behind the Scenes of Gaukel

Many may be familiar with 44 Gaukel as a city-run space. Did you know that the building actually operates with a 3 way partnership? 44 Gaukel Creative Workspace functions with the City of Kitchener as the owner/operator alongside anchor tenants ArtsBuild Ontario and the Accelerator Center (AC). In this blog, we wanted to highlight the AC and share what one pillar of this operation does. Responses to the questions below were answered by Tabatha Laverty, Accelerator Centre’s Director of Marketing, and Diana Moser, Interim Executive Director of ArtsBuild Ontario.

How long have we been partners?

Tabatha: “The AC and ABO have been partners in the [44 Gaukel] space since 2016 when the project was launched as a place for the arts and tech community to collaborate.”

How does Gaukel operate with ABO, the City, and the AC?

Tabatha: “Currently, the AC is a tenant in the [44 Gaukel] facility where we offer purpose built office space to hardware companies.”

What does AC do?

Tabatha: “The AC is Canada’s #1 private business accelerator. We work with startup companies at all stages to help them build, grow and scale their business. Our alumni represent the best-of-the-best in Canadian tech including Miovision, Intellijoint, and ApplyBoard”. 

What are some recent developments for AC?

Tabatha: “The AC recently launched specialised programming for companies working on initiatives that support the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and are looking forward to and are preparing [to] launch a new strategic plan to advance the support of entrepreneurs in KW and around the world.”

On the ArtsBuild Ontario side, Diana has shared an overview of what the partnership between these two groups means for her. 

Diana: “ArtsBuild Ontario and the Accelerator Centre have been partners together and with the City of Kitchener for many years, and we have learned a lot about what it takes to steward such a relationship. Access to space, especially in the arts, culture, and heritage sector, is becoming increasingly reliant on thoughtful collaborations to improve the access to and management of creative spaces. A three way partnership with a service and training organization such as the Accelerator Centre in addition to the City is a model that helps us meet our needs, as well as serve the local creative community, and we hope that it is a case study others in our sector can learn from.” 

We hope to continue our partnership for many years to come! Thank you Accelerator Centre for being a pillar of 44 Gaukel.

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