The Beasting

The Beasting is an exquisite corpse-making challenge featuring blind collaborations by artists of many styles, ages, experiences & backgrounds. Two dozen artists are invited to create one of four beastly body parts at 44 Gaukel using limited time, materials & instructions. The awesome result features time lapse videos of 24 artists’ pieces & some fabulous full-beast combos, plus an incredible interactive display called The Beastagon (scroll down to see it). 


The Beasting’s second round of 24 artists created artworks of heads, shoulders, pelvises & feet without seeing what anyone else was drawing inside a 44 Gaukel studio in spring 2022.

Their 24 fabulous beast pieces fit together to make even more strange & incredible combos.

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The Beasting 2021 edition

Contributing 2021 artists (whose beastly artworks are pictured above): 


Contact ABO for a building tour if you’d like to give the Beastagon on spin.