Pandemic & Community

While searching through his photo archive, 44 Gaukel tenant John Spaulding found a photo essay he did in the early 1990s. “At the height of the AIDS pandemic, long before the medicine now used to treat HIV, many people diagnosed with HIV/AIDS not only faced a deadly disease but also, at their hour of most […]

New Tenant: Midtown Radio!

This month 44 Gaukel added a new tenant! Midtown Radio is a local, volunteer-driven, commercial-free radio station. You can listen here anytime. We’ve rounded up some of the social media posts Midtown Radio shared as they prepared to and then moved into their unit! So what are you waiting for? Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, […]

Creative People Podcast 44 Gaukel Tenant Round-Up!

Haven’t heard of the Creative People Podcast before? Host Ryan Leacock has a conversation with an Actor, DJ, Event Planner or others engaged in the ‘wonder burden of creativity’ and they connect on that one thing they have in common, creativity. In the process of connecting and discussing about where they are the same and […]