Renter Health and Safety Procedures

#1 Staff Sanitization

ABO Staff will sanitize high touch areas of the Community and Rehearsal Space before and after use during the day. Each room has a sanitization log that displays what is sanitized and when they were last sanitized.

#2 Renter Sanitization

ABO Staff are unable to be present in the evenings and on weekends. So, renters will be responsible for sanitizing high touch areas of the Community and Rehearsal Space on Evenings and Weekends (assuming other rentals will occur after the renter. ABO Staff will inform renters whether they are required to sanitize the space or not). ABO will provide cleaning supplies and a list of high touch areas to sanitize before and after use of the unit.

#3 Contact Log

ABO will provide all renters with a digital contact log. The renter will do their best to ensure all clients, guests, or visitors they bring to the building fill it out.

We collect this information in the context of health and safety. We will not use it for commercial or marketing purposes. If regional, provincial, or federal officials ask, we will release this information to them.

#4 Screening Checklist

We are providing all renters with a basic screening checklist. This is a tool the renter can choose to use to determine whether they should let someone in the building or not.

As a shared space, we are dependent on each other to keep the building a safe space to work in. As we re-enter the building and the pandemic situation evolves, the rules and procedures will dynamically change in response to the needs of building operations, tenants, staff, and public health officials. We will keep in touch with you as we introduce new measures and procedures.

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