Juan Lopezdabdoub

Juan Lopezdabdoub
Juan Lopezdabdoub's painting image. The Garden of Earthly Delights after El Bosco Oil on canvas. 60" x 48"
The Garden of the Earthly Delights after El Bosco. Juan Lopezdabdoub. Oil on canvas. 60” x 48”

Juan Lopezdabdoub is an award winning multidisciplinary visual artist and Spanish language teacher whose intriguing paintings, embedded with symbolic imagery and striking thematic contrast, encourage meaningful conversation among viewers. Although largely allegorical, Juan’s paintings employ cultural and mythological visual signifiers to call forth pressing political and social issues that our world is facing and the emotional weight they have on us. By juxtaposing seemingly disparate images, Juan aims to create dramatic tension: even though elements may look incompatible they are duly joined in a beautiful aesthetic balance. Juan hopes to underscore the divisive worldwide conditions that spark contention but inevitably unites us all. His imagery, both powerful and ambiguous, further emphasizes the fact we are inherently linked, no matter what our politics, colour, ethnicity and creed.

Juan has taught Visual Arts and Spanish in Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Kitchener to children in the School system and to adults in his private school, iSpeakSpanish. In September 2000, Juan started El Estudio, Spanish Language Academy, in Winnipeg with the purpose of securing a working position for himself with a flexible schedule that would allow him to pursue his career as a visual artist. Juan worked on his art and taught Spanish, sharing his passion for the language and the Latin American culture with his students in El Estudio for 12 years. Then he closed the academy to move to Edmonton, and subsequently to Kitchener with his family in 2012.

Juan’s work has been exhibited in San Salvador, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Kitchener and New York. Juan now lives and works here Kitchener at 44 Gaukel where he supports his work by teaching Spanish language.

juan lopezdabdoub original photo in Mexico

To see Juan’s work, go to www.juanlopezdabdoub.com.

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To learn about Juan’s Spanish language program, check www.iSpeakSpanish.ca