General Health and Safety Procedures

#1 Masks

We require everyone in the building to wear a face-covering in common spaces including hallways, kitchens, break rooms, and bathrooms.

Inside a tenant’s space, it is their decision whether face-coverings are required.

#2 Closed

44 Gaukel’s front doors remain locked to the public at all times. Tenants and Renters can enter the building using their swipe card.

#3 Frequent Cleanings

ABO & AC staff sanitize high touch areas during weekdays, with cleaning staff coming every weeknight.

#4 Co-Cleaning

We ask that all tenants and renters ensure that they do their part to keep common areas clean. Please sanitize high touch objects before and after their use, and do not use or share common dishware or utensils.

#5 Flow Control

Signage, arrows, and other graphics were placed around the building to help to direct flow and reinforce protocols. Please follow these guidelines, and encourage any guests you bring into the building to do so as well.

As a shared space, we are dependent on each other to keep the building a safe space to work in. As we re-enter the building and the pandemic situation evolves, the rules and procedures will dynamically change in response to the needs of building operations, tenants, staff, and public health officials. We will keep in touch with you as we introduce new measures and procedures.

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