Full Booking Process

What follows is a brief overview of all the steps in the booking process for someone interested in booking the Community or Rehearsal Space.

Step 1: Book Online

Go to 44gaukelarts.skedda.com and book the days and times you would like for the Rehearsal or Community Space.

See “How to Book Online as a New User” if you are unsure how to use Skedda.

Step 2: Fill out a Rental Agreement and Return It

After booking online, we will send you a form to collect information for the rental agreement. When you complete this form, we can move on to Step 2!

Step 3: Make an Appointment to Get a Swipe Card and Key

After you submit your completed rental agreement, we will arrange a time between 9 am and 5 pm Monday-Friday for swipe card pick up. You, or someone else at your organization, will need to come and pick up the key.

Please wear a mask and respect social distancing rules while visiting 44 Gaukel.

Once you have your key, you will be ready to use the room during your booking

Step 4: Send the Contact Log Form to your Clients and Guests

We require that anyone attending your rental fill out a contact log form. This information will only be used if a public health situation arises at 44 Gaukel.

Please send this to everyone attending before the day of the rental. If you cannot send it beforehand, there will also be a QR code and a Short URL available. Please encourage everyone to use these links and fill out the information when they arrive.

Step 5: Read Over the Other Information Provided

You will get a list of high touch areas to clean before and after your evening or weekend rental. We have provided cleaning supplies in the unit for your convenience.

We will also provide you a basic screening checklist that you can use to determine who you should let into the building. We provide this to you as a tool for you to use if you so choose.

Please see “General Health and Safety Procedures” and “Renter Health and Safety Procedures” to get an overview of the steps we are taking to reduce the health risk of COVID-19.

Step 6: Payment

Depending on the option you select when filling out the rental agreement, we may send you an invoice at the end of the month for you to pay by eTransfer or Credit Card. You will receive an invoice from us at the end of the month.

Alternatively, you may have asked us to charge the credit card you entered when booking the room. We will charge it the day after your rental occurs.

Questions? See our FAQ.