Fall 2019 Exhibition

Featuring works by artists Clara Laratta and Lisa Golem, this exhibition was open from July 15th to October 1st 2019 in the O Gallery @ 44 Gaukel.


Clara Laratta

Clara Laratta – Liminality

Artist Statement

My work consists of painterly style, photographic self-portraits and layered digital prints. The prints layer photographs, paintings, drawings and frottage in one image. They are an acknowledgement of the multifaceted nature of identity and were created in an attempt to provide an arena for contemplation surrounding identity, the way we view ourselves and others. The images are a reflection of the impact of day to day experiences and interactions with others and nature. They are based on an intimate look at self while holding a space to look at “others” in a broader context. Photographic self-portraits are intended to provoke reflection and connection through the finding of something of oneself within the images. 

The use of self-portraits in my work is serendipitous to someone who has an aversion to being photographed. As a female, the control and ability to represent myself as the subject rather than an object is appealing to me. No matter what the intervention, similar to nature when it is unleashed, control is lost. The history of photography, its ties to the history of portraiture, and the new genre of selfies is also of interest and provides an opportunity for dialogue with a wide audience. 

Artist Background

Photo of O Gallery Artist Clara Laratta

Clara Laratta is a visual artist based in Hamilton, Ontario. She is a graduate of the McMaster University Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts program. Photography and layered digital prints combining portraits, paintings, drawings and frottage together in one image are often utilized to explore the multifaceted nature of identity. 

Recent exhibitions include Stranger Than Fiction, Millepiani Gallery, Rome, MANTHAN, Patterson-Appleton Arts Center, Texas and BIMPE X, Federation Gallery, British Columbia, Dundarave Gallery, British Columbia, UBC Okanagan Gallery, British Columbia, SNAP, Alberta. Her work can be found in McMaster University’s Collection, Lucknow University’s Collection and private collections. 

More of her work can be found at her website: claralaratta.com

Lisa Golem: If Textures Could Speak…

Artist Statement

Lisa Golem grew up in rural Ontario; her father was a farmer/musician and her mother was a painter. An extremely tactile and kinetic child full, she experienced her world mainly by touch and by enthusiastic exploration. This began her fascination with the visual richness of textures, whether rough and coarse or sleek and smooth. This fascination is the inspiration for the pieces in this collection. 

The work in this exhibition encompasses large textured abstract pieces and smooth-as- glass acrylic pours. The pieces evolved in an intuitive and organic way, revealing content, meaning and mystery as they took form. Lisa believes that as you look at non- representational art, your mind will interpret, seeing what it is you need to see in the work… just as the artist created what they needed to see. For that reason, Lisa likes to use ambiguous titles to allow individual interpretation. 

Within the collection of pours, there is a series titled “Cosmic Dance”. This series was more intentional, and different in that it was inspired by a meaningful dream. Viewers are encouraged to ‘see’ the works with not only their eyes, but also with their fingers; and allow their intuition to guide them, allowing the various colours and textures to speak. 

Artist Background

Lisa Golem headshot, O Gallery Artist 2019

Lisa Golem is an intuitive acrylic artist & founder of “RAWc Studio”—hosting workshops, arts events and paint pARTies. Her artwork includes textured abstract & acrylic pours, though she enjoys exploring any creative medium. 

Lisa dabbled in multiple art forms from a young age. She is predominantly self-taught, but she has taken various university courses and independent workshops through the years. Prior to jumping into the art world with both feet in 2015, Lisa was a professional therapist. 

Lisa remains passionate about exploring creative possibilities and the transformative power of the arts both in her life and the lives of others. 

More of her work can be found at her website: www.rawcstudio.net/